Sunday, March 6, 2011

This dog right here.

Today, I will review my pet dog. 

My pet dog is not like your average pet dog. In fact, he is unlike any other dog I have ever met before in my life. He is kind, quiet, relaxed, and loves to play dog games. He is very handsome (see picture above). He has a gorgeous, flowing mane, akin to a big, beautiful, majestic lion's. 

He loves to play outside, especially when it's raining. He then loves to come inside after playing in the rain to track mud all over the house. He then loves to get savagely beaten by my father for getting mud all over the carpet. Seriously, he likes it a lot. Don't worry. 

My pet dog responds to the name, "Dog". He chose the name for himself. He's a really smart pet dog. 

Dog is 49 years old. In dog years. That equates to about 50 human years. Right? Yeah.

My pet dog is also not real. 



  1. My pet dog is real. And awesome. She doesn't just chase her tail, she chases her own back leg.

  2. Ya my dog is a little smarter than yours.

  3. "Dog" is the best name for a dog.
    Or a tasty frankfurter treat.
    Talking to pets is fine.
    Talking to plants is stupid.
    But talking to your food makes it 4.7 times tastier.

  4. Dog... reminds me of dog off half life 2 what a name! :D

  5. i gotta name a dog 'dog' now before i die.. hehe

  6. That dog looks like something american pickers would find in a shed

  7. I got cat not dog. Cats are great :)

  8. oh no so sad! Poor unreal dog...

  9. This is like the plot to nolan movie