Friday, February 25, 2011

'This thing on?

Salutations. Welcome.

In this blog, I will be reviewing items that I have in my bedroom. Hopefully, I will be able to post a review every week or every other week. Sometimes more often, but hopefully never any less.

These reviews will be posted in an effort to help the readers of this blog to easily make decisions when buying or using whatever it is I will be reviewing. I will be reviewing all sorts of different items, ranging from articles of clothing, to electronics, to consumables, and so on.

Each post will contain a picture of the item followed by the review. If there is a brand name visible in the picture, it will be blocked out in order to appease the manufactures of the items.

I am not being compensated for the reviews in any way from the manufacturers of any of the items.

My first review should be posted within a week of the date of this post. I look forward to reviewing items and reading feedback from the countless number of readers I am sure to have. Thankya for your time.


  1. interesting concept for a blog. will follow

  2. yeah sounds interesting... i'll add you

  3. nice, eagerly awaiting first review! Following for sure.

  4. It's a cool idea. I genuinely liked it so much I came back to reread the grapes one.
    Looking forward to next week's review.
    Funny stuff. Keep it up.